The Village with a Sake Brewery

Asahi-Shuzo has always brewed its sake amid the natural beauty of Koshiji, an area surrounded by rice fields and uncultivated woodland. We take pride in celebrating the village of Koshiji, our hometown, and the special joys each season brings to it amid the bounty of nature: tea ceremonies amid the green foliage of spring; fireflies in summer; gardens of red maple leaves in autumn; and tours of sake breweries in winter. At Shoraikaku, tea ceremonies, entertainment and exhibitions are frequently held, and regular concerts are presented in the entrance hall. Koshiji is a village where you can savor both the beauty of nature and a rich cultural heritage.

Nurturing Culture in Partnership with the Community

SanDo Concerts in the Entrance Hall

9m wide and 90m deep, the Entrance Hall is a venue that frequently plays host to concerts and a wide range of other events.

Shoraikaku Villa: An Important Cultural Property

Shoraikaku Villa is the home built in the early 20th century by Asahi-Shuzo’s founder Yonosuke Hirasawa. In 2018 it was designated an important cultural property and proudly serves as a center of cultural activities in the region today.

Living Harmoniously with the Natural Environment

Firefly Villages

"Fireflies are an indication of an environment with clean air and water". With this in mind, we cooperate with the Koshiji community to foster an environment in which fireflies propagate.

Maple Tree Village

Near Asahi-Shuzo brewery is an area famous for its maple trees, "Momijien Garden". For the 70th anniversary of its founding, Asahi-Shuzo carried out the renovation of the mountain villa in the garden. We continue to join hands with the community to keep the garden beautiful.

Koshiji Nature Foundation

Asahi-Shuzo formed the Koshiji Nature Foundation in 2001. This organization assists in various activities to preserve the natural environment of Koshiji’s uncultivated woodlands and waterside areas.